Cutting Costs not Corners with your Eye Protection




Either as a stand alone piece of PPE or as part of a combination of equipment, eye protection can often be overlooked for the sake of a few saved minutes, The risk of serious eye injury from a wide range of hazards in the workplace is real and we provide eye protection at trade prices to encourage use as well as to help compliance with current health and safety legislation. Our eye protection systems are all CE marked and satisfy the relevant ISO EN standards. With stock from Venitex and DeWalt, all are available for immediate online ordering and home delivery.


Protect Your Hands with our Comprehensive Range of Safety Gloves


Whether the hazard be chemical or biological contamination, sharp objects, abrasive surfaces, extreme temperature or simply water, we have a safety glove to suit. Fully CE marked and manufactured and tested in accordance with the relevant ISO standard, our gloves are designed to be used with a range of PPE and in a variety of situations. With brands such as Venitex and DeWalt available at trade prices, place your order online now for fast delivery.


Safety Helmets and Bump Caps make sure you Keep your Head no Matter What



With the risk of falling or moving objects, bumps and penetration injuries from static objects and of course slips, trips and falls, wearing safety helmets in the workplace is not only a requirement but a piece of common sense. In a range of colours and fully adjustable, our safety helmets and bump caps provide that last line of defence against head injury at low trade prices. Both Panoply and Venitex ranges are CE marked and ready for immediate delivery.


Protect your Workforce and Site Visitors from Dangerous Noise Levels with Ear Defenders



Whether you are looking to offer protecting to your employees or regular contractors or to visitors to a site where dangerous levels of noise are present our ear defenders have the solution for you. Ear defenders can be used alone or in combination with visors and faceshields for more regular exposure to damaging noise levels. You can also supply ear defenders to visitors either of padded design or for limited exposure in the form of disposable earplugs available in packs or a dispenser. Venitex ear defenders available now online at trade prices.


Don’t Get out of Breath when Paying for Respiratory Protection



Whether you are looking for a fully adjustable and reusable rubber half mask with filtering cartridges or a pack of disposable, foldable masks, our comprehensive selection of Venitex respiratory protection systems represents the very latest in design and technology. From a full protection kit including coveralls, overboots, safety goggles, latex gloves and a moulded half mask to a pack of active charcoal disposable masks, all of our Venitex respiratory protection products are available for immediate delivery at trade prices.