Safety Jogger produces comfortable safety shoes, work wear, work gloves and socks of superior quality. The aim of our products: a safe and comfortable work situation. Our range of work shoes combines optimal security with comfort. Thanks to the newest technologies, they meet the required S-standards and offer protection under diverse circumstances. We also take style into account. For the ladies, we have developed a special Lady line safety shoes with a feminine touch. Safety Jogger’s durable work wear increases your working comfort even more. In our range, you will find strong and water-repellent jackets, work pants, overalls and body warmers. The fabrics used are of superior quality and great attention was given to efficiency. Pockets for your hammer, ruler and mobile phone, kneepad pockets and other features allow you to easily carry everything. This way, you can fully concentrate on the job.


Work Gloves


No work can be done without your hands, so protect them! They are vital yet vulnerable. Safety Jogger provides an adequate glove for each job.

Fine mechanics require a different type of glove than construction work. Different materials such as metal and concrete each have their own characteristics that need another approach. The presence of fluids lik oil also influences the choice of work glove. Our range of gloves offers a solution for each situation.


Work Shoes





Works require reliable and durable equipment. This starts with shoes. Choosing the right work shoes is of paramount importance to create a safe working environment.

Safety Jogger produces different types of work shoes that all combine comfort with safety. Our safety shoes bear different S-standards, which allows you to pick the right shoes for your line of work. For the ladies, we have developed a special Lady Line: the safety shoe for ladies.

All Safety Jogger work shoes have a breathable and premoulded insole, which results in more ventilation and more comfort. If you prefer extra strong and lightweight shoes, you can choose Kevlar and composite. These innovative technologies guarantee durability and flexibility while working.

Do your feet deserve the best care? Then also check out our work socks.



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